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Consequences of Neglecting Your Generator

  With America’s aging electrical grid, your power supply is never guaranteed. It is estimated that 500,000 Americans experience power outages every day, and this number continues to grow each year. Standby generators are a great way to defend your…

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How to Prepare Your Home for a Hurricane

Hurricane on the horizon? Don't panic – just follow these preparation tips from the experts at Cannondale Generators... Stock Up on Food and Water Food and water are essential for human life – you don't want to be left short-handed in…

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How to Prepare Your Home for Fall

Fall is coming; is your home ready? With these tips from Cannondale Generators, it can be: Clean Your Gutters. Your gutters aren't just for looks – they play a key role in protecting your home from water damage. When your…

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About Our Service Plans

Standby generators are a great backup plan in case your power goes out, but these units are only reliable if they are properly installed and maintained. Attempting a DIY installation, or neglecting basic maintenance tasks are two of the most…

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3 Common Reasons that Generators Fail

When the power goes out, homeowners with a standby generator can rely on their units to power on and provide a secondary source of electricity – usually. Unfortunately, generators don't always work like they are supposed to, especially when they…

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What to Do When the Power Goes Out

  There are many reasons that the power might go out. Car accidents, line shortages, and inclement weather conditions are all possible causes of blackouts, but the effect is all the same. Whatever the case, follow these tips from Cannondale…

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