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Weather the Worst Storm. Be Prepared with a Standby Generator for Home or Business

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Whole House Generators That Power It All

With a power grid as old and unreliable as New England’s, the best defense against a power outage is to be prepared. Our high-quality standby generators are backed by premium limited warranties. Our standby generators for sale are compatible with advanced accessory options and are easy maintain. Whether you choose one of our generators for home or business use, rest assured your purchase will be safe, reliable, quiet, and neighborhood friendly. Stand up to storms and stay safe and comfortable inside no matter what’s happening outside.

Keep Your Lights On

Darkness brings danger. According to the National Fire Protection Association, 3% of all home fire deaths are caused by candles - many when candles are used for emergency light or warmth. Safety is one of the top reasons people seek a home standby generator. When your lights stay on, you continue with your normal life. You don’t have to worry about candles or whether you have enough batteries. Keep your lights on with a standby generator to:

  • Prevent Falls or Property Damage
  • Deter Home Invasions or Theft
  • Provide Security for Your Loved Ones

Staying Connected to the Outside World

Even when the power is on, you still get a little antsy when your cell phone battery gets low right? Imagine that feeling when there is no power to charge your phone - perhaps for days. Suddenly you feel isolated and disconnected. Whole home standby generators keep all of your electronics charged and running as usual. From computers to security systems and cell phones to tablets — you’ll never run out of power and feel disconnected when you have a standby generator for your home.

  •       Stay Protected and Connected
  •       Keep Cell Phones Charged
  •       Avoid File Loss from Computers

Glorious Warm Water

Sure, you can mathematically prove that a standby generator ultimately saves money over time, but that doesn’t come close to feeling as good as a warm shower when the power has been out for several days. At that exact instant, you’ll say “Why didn’t I do this years sooner?”

Warm in the Winter and Cool in the Summer

You’ve felt it. You’ve felt how quickly the temperature in your house drops during a winter storm without heat. Today’s home standby generators easily have enough power to keep your house warm without the danger of space heaters. Think about this: nearly half of all house fires are caused by space heaters. Yes, almost half. When the power goes out this winter and you are all nice and warm thanks to your Cannondale standby generator, remember that you also took an enormous step to keep your family safe.

  • Eliminate the Danger of Space Heaters
  • Stay Cool When It’s Hot
  • Keep Comfort On When Power’s Off
  • Be Warm When It’s Freezing

Backup Power for Refrigerators

What is the dollar value of the food you have in your refrigerator, right now? Given how much food costs today, we bet it is a pretty significant number. Standby generators prevent devastating food, beverage, and/or medication losses that occur when a home is without power for an extended period of time. If you’ve lived in southern Connecticut or northern New York for even the shortest amount of time, we bet you’ve thrown away almost a paycheck’s worth of food in the last year due to a power outage. You don’t have to. Thousands of families use a home standby generator to:

  • Prevent Food from Spoiling
  • Keep Medications Refrigerated
  • Save Money in Unexpected Outages
The entire Cannondale team

Serving as Connecticut’s trusted generator expert since 1990, we have grown into the area’s premier provider of standby generators for home or business use. We’ve installed over 8,200 generators throughout southwestern Connecticut, but our high standard of service doesn’t just end with the sale. Our dedicated team partners with you to ensure your generator runs perfectly when you need it most by providing regular maintenance at your convenience. Our maintenance agreements cover all generator makes and models.

Over 25 Years of Service to Connecticut

  • Generac Power Pro Premier Dealer
  • Certified, Experienced Technicians
  • Full-Time Focus on Standby Power
  • High Customer Service Standards
Scott Kuppersmith
Scott Kuppersmith
18:48 22 May 19
,Dale Britney
,Dale Britney
16:42 29 Apr 19
Chris Coyne
Chris Coyne
23:01 05 Dec 18
Joseph Spinello
Joseph Spinello
15:14 13 Nov 18
Philip Ramsay Merriss Jr
Philip Ramsay Merriss Jr
17:22 11 Jun 18
We have been a client of Cannondale Generators for over 12 years and we are completely satisfied with their ongoing service and their Generac generators. We just had a new whole house generator installed in May, 2018 and the installation was flawless. We highly recommend this fine company and their great staff.
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Request A Free In-Home Quote

Don’t trust inaccurate sizing and price calculators online. Get accurate, personalized recommendations on the best defense against power loss in your neighborhood. Request an in-home quote appointment and we’ll send an expert standby generator technician to your home to provide you with a quote for free.

Made installation of our generator extremely easy. Took care of all permitting with the town and made the process very simple. After a major power outage, they sent their service team in a snowstorm to service the generator and ensure it would keep us going throughout the snowstorm. Excellent service. Very pleased with this company.

Blair J.
Rating: 5

Cannondale has been maintaining our 20KW Generac Guardian Series generator (first installed in 2012) for 2 years now. During the recent power outage, the generator ran flawlessly for 130 hours straight. We added 16 ounces of motor oil after the first 75 hours of run time, as would be expected during a period of extended usage. The professionals at Cannondale were reachable, and provided helpful advice on lubricant selection, among other things. If you own a generator and live in Westchester or Fairfield counties, you must become a Cannondale client. They are the absolute best!

William W.
Rating: 5

Charged me a fraction of a competitors quote and was very pleasant throughout.

Paolo S.
Rating: 5
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