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Find Your Best Standby Generator Brand

Top-Rated, Best Generator Brands to Buy

Whether you’re looking for the best generator brands for home or business use, you need a generator that can fit very specific, unique criteria. That’s why we’re a premier dealer providing the best generator brands on the market, so you can enjoy the convenience of finding just the right brand for you. Request a free quote to get custom, professional recommendations based on your own power needs and specs.

Standby VS Portable Generators

You might think a portable generator is faster, less expensive and easier than a permanent stand by generator. Let’s take a look at the facts.

Standby Generators

Standby generators are permanently installed generators that automatically switch on when your power goes out. You do not need to be home in order to turn on a standby generator. A transfer switch automatically monitors your home’s power and will transfer your home’s electrical load to your standby generator if the power goes out. A standby generator is installed outside of your home, much like a central air conditioning unit, and effortlessly runs on your home’s natural gas line.

  • Powers your entire home
  • Effortless, automatic operation
  • Long-lasting backup power
  • Increases your home’s value
Portable Generators

Portable generators use a gas-powered engine to power your home. This engine works by turning an alternator to generate electrical power. Each portable generator has power outlets allowing you to plug in extension cords, electric-powered tools, or appliances into it. In general, the more powerful the generator, the more outlet combinations available and the more appliances you can run at a time. Because portable generators are powered by a gas engine, they should always remain in a well-ventilated outdoor space for safety reasons.

  • Short-term backup power solution
  • Must be turned on manually
  • Limited power capability
  • Requires gas on hand to operate

Best Generator Brands for Contractors

Standby generators make highly effective upsells and with our aging power grid, are often sought out as “must have” features of new home builds. There is no simpler and more effective way for you as a home contractor or builder to offer the safety and convenience of permanent standby power than partnering with us.

Our help starts at creating the specs for each design and continues all the way through an on-time and hassle free complete installation including every element that’s needed. You don’t have to worry about a thing; you just enjoy the benefit of adding a valuable complementary element to your quality product.

We have trained professionals dedicated to our valuable partnerships with contractors and builders. You’ll work with someone who knows your business and the best generator brand for you.

generator maintenance and repair contractor in orange vest

Talk to One of Our Contractor Specialists

Made installation of our generator extremely easy. Took care of all permitting with the town and made the process very simple. After a major power outage, they sent their service team in a snowstorm to service the generator and ensure it would keep us going throughout the snowstorm. Excellent service. Very pleased with this company.

Blair J.
Rating: 5

Cannondale has been maintaining our 20KW Generac Guardian Series generator (first installed in 2012) for 2 years now. During the recent power outage, the generator ran flawlessly for 130 hours straight. We added 16 ounces of motor oil after the first 75 hours of run time, as would be expected during a period of extended usage. The professionals at Cannondale were reachable, and provided helpful advice on lubricant selection, among other things. If you own a generator and live in Westchester or Fairfield counties, you must become a Cannondale client. They are the absolute best!

William W.
Rating: 5

Charged me a fraction of a competitors quote and was very pleasant throughout.

Paolo S.
Rating: 5
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