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Whole House Standby Generator Cost

Lightning Strikes A Power Line


The factors that influence the cost of a standby generator are:

  1. The size of your home
  2. How much of your electrical draw do you want to replace
  3. Your current electrical wiring and set- up in your house
  4. The fuel for the generator
  5. How long the generator is designed to run for

That means prices could range from $6,000 to $19,000. There is an option for your budget. Don’t trust inaccurate online home generator cost calculators. We’ll come to your home, discuss your energy needs, and provide you with an accurate, customized estimate for free. Paired with our professional installation services and ongoing maintenance plans, we make owning a whole home generator incredibly easy. Request your free estimate today!


Power outages are increasingly dramatic in the United States. In fact, the five year annual average, has doubled every five years when it is calculated. So as you are calculating how much you will use your home generator, consider strongly that power outages here in Connecticut and New York are increasing due to: an aging power grid, more homes and more extreme weather events.  Without a standby home generator, what are the costs you are facing?

Don't Lose Your Food Due to Lack of Power

Without a standby home generator, costs from spoiled food add up fast. On average, for homeowners pay between $250-$500 per outage just replacing lost groceries and that doesn’t include the loss of refrigerated medicine. Plus there is a cost here most people don’t calculate. When your refrigerator eventually does kick back on, it’ll run up your electric bill just to get back to a food-sustaining temperature. If you’re comparing how much a whole home generator costs to run, consider how much you’ll save on your grocery budget and your peace of mind next time your power unexpectedly goes out.

  • Save Time and Money By Not Having to Replace Groceries After the Power Goes Out
  • Keep Your Medications Refrigerated
  • Prevent Electric Bill Overages
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The Cost of Property Damage

Without a standby home generator, costs from property damages are catastrophic. For every outage, on average, homeowners pay $10,000 fixing frozen or burst pipes, $21,000 in flooded basement repairs, and $500-$30,000 for mold removal caused by water damage. These costs, even if caused just by a single power outage, are far greater than what an average standby home generator costs to run. If you’re comparing how much a whole home generator costs, consider how much you’ll save on property damage expenses and your peace of mind next time your home’s power unexpectedly goes out.

  • Prevent Pipes from Bursting
  • Save Money On Flood Repairs
  • Avoid Mold or Water Damage

The Cost of Losing Connectivity (Vs Personal Comfort)

Here are some expenses you might face in the next power outage without a home generator:

  • A last-minute, pricey portable generator with a highly inflated average price tag of $650
  • A  hotel room at an average of $108 per night
  • Lost wages

All these costs can be avoided with a whole home backup generator that automatically kicks on when the power goes out. Because let’s face it, your power will go out again, but your personal comfort does not have to.

  • Maintain Your Family’s Comfort at Home
    • Stay Connected- Keep your Cell Phone & Electronics Charged
  • Save Money On Last-Minute Emergency Power
  • Avoid Missing Work and Losing Out On Wages
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Large House Lit With Generac Home Standby Generator

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Made installation of our generator extremely easy. Took care of all permitting with the town and made the process very simple. After a major power outage, they sent their service team in a snowstorm to service the generator and ensure it would keep us going throughout the snowstorm. Excellent service. Very pleased with this company.

Blair J.
Rating: 5

Cannondale has been maintaining our 20KW Generac Guardian Series generator (first installed in 2012) for 2 years now. During the recent power outage, the generator ran flawlessly for 130 hours straight. We added 16 ounces of motor oil after the first 75 hours of run time, as would be expected during a period of extended usage. The professionals at Cannondale were reachable, and provided helpful advice on lubricant selection, among other things. If you own a generator and live in Westchester or Fairfield counties, you must become a Cannondale client. They are the absolute best!

William W.
Rating: 5

Charged me a fraction of a competitors quote and was very pleasant throughout.

Paolo S.
Rating: 5
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