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Business and Commercial Generators

Business open because of a generator

Our Business Is Protecting Yours

Your business can’t afford a power failure. Aside from the loss of revenue, the  consequences of security, computer, fire system, communication and productivity downtime are costly. With over two million U.S. businesses experiencing power outages lasting eight hours or more every year, it’s time to put the power back in your hands.

An automatic commercial generator to backup your business is one of the smartest investments you can make. Commercial generators are the difference between a predictably profitable fiscal year and one that is subject to the random whims of mother nature. Whether you need a backup generator for business, legal reasons, or to get an edge on your competitors, you can rely on our commercial standby generators to enhance your bottom line year round.

  • Stay Open When Power’s Out
  • Outlast Long Power Outages
  • Increase Your Business Value
  • Prevent Theft & Data Loss
  • Maintain Product Quality
  • Save Inventory from Spoilage
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Business open because of a generator

Best Generators for Business & Commercial Use

Liability insurance. Security Systems. Commercial standby generators. All parts of an intelligent business plan to protect what you’ve worked so hard to build. They may not be the sexiest part of owning or running a business, but they are the parts that help you sleep well at night.

A top Cummins model that Cannondale Generator sells
MODEL #RS80/A054F838
A top Cummins model that Cannondale Generator sells
MODEL #RS80/A054F838
A top Kohler model that Cannondale Generator sells
happy contractors leaning on their truck

Commercial Generator Maintenance Plans

Reliable standby backup power means business. That’s why we offer two levels of maintenance plans to help you keep your commercial generator running better, longer. With 30 years of commercial generator installation, repair, and service, we’re uniquely equipped and trained to care for your commercial generator. Our maintenance programs follow a regimented quarterly schedule, making routine and ongoing maintenance effortless and invisible for your business. Plus our large inventory of factory parts enables us to get your repairs and maintenance work done faster.

  • Fast, Friendly On-Site Support
  • Quick Parts Access for Rapid Repairs
  • Effortless Ongoing Maintenance
  • Professional Warranty Services
happy contractors leaning on their truck
Shot of commercial generator on the roof of a building

How Do Commercial Generators Work?

Commercial generators work differently from home standby generators. Generators for business and commercial use are built with fortified parts to perform during longer and heavier run times. The internal electronics are engineered to handle higher wattages and heat levels. The steel is also thicker and the engine is typically liquid cooled. It’s also important to select the right voltage based on your energy use. In short, generator language can be confusing. We’re here to make it easy. Our commercial generator experts work closely with you to help you pick the perfect power solution for your business. Request your free quote today.

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Made installation of our generator extremely easy. Took care of all permitting with the town and made the process very simple. After a major power outage, they sent their service team in a snowstorm to service the generator and ensure it would keep us going throughout the snowstorm. Excellent service. Very pleased with this company.

Blair J.
Rating: 5

Cannondale has been maintaining our 20KW Generac Guardian Series generator (first installed in 2012) for 2 years now. During the recent power outage, the generator ran flawlessly for 130 hours straight. We added 16 ounces of motor oil after the first 75 hours of run time, as would be expected during a period of extended usage. The professionals at Cannondale were reachable, and provided helpful advice on lubricant selection, among other things. If you own a generator and live in Westchester or Fairfield counties, you must become a Cannondale client. They are the absolute best!

William W.
Rating: 5

Charged me a fraction of a competitors quote and was very pleasant throughout.

Paolo S.
Rating: 5
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