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The Hidden Costs of Power Outages

  Think power outages are just a minor inconvenience? Think again. Power outages are not only a complete disruption to our everyday lives, they are a financial burden. According to Kohler Generators, power outages can cost American households up to…

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Generators 101

  Homeowners thinking about investing in a standby generator have many questions. For example, what is a generator? What types are available? Which size do I need? The experts at Cannondale Generators are here to offer a bit of professional…

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Debunking Dangerous Generator Myths

You can’t trust everything you hear, especially when it comes to residential generators. While these devices can protect your home’s power supply in the event of a severe storm, they can also be dangerous if all safety precautions are not…

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Winter Weather Power Outage Tips

  Residents of Fairfield County, Connecticut are no strangers to power outages. While they are a year-round occurrence, blackouts may be more common during the winter months due to freezing temperatures, snow and ice storms, and a higher rate of…

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How to Prepare Your Home for a Hurricane

Hurricane on the horizon? Don't panic – just follow these preparation tips from the experts at Cannondale Generators... Stock Up on Food and Water Food and water are essential for human life – you don't want to be left short-handed in…

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