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Big Changes in Store for Cannondale Generators


Cannondale Generators is proud to announce a couple of big changes coming during the month of November.

If you follow us on Facebook, you may have already noticed a change in our profile picture. This is our new company logo and will now be the official mark of all things Cannondale Generators – including our website, social media pages, company trucks, and uniforms.

When asked about the logo change, Vice President of Marketing, William Bonomo was quoted as saying, “after being in business for over a quarter-century, we thought it would be a good idea usher in some change. Our company has evolved with the times over these past two decades, and now our brand has too.”

That’s not all that’s changing. After 26 years as the CEO of Cannondale Generators, Paul Bonomo Sr. has decided to step down from his duties and enjoy life in retirement.

Before founding Cannondale Generators, Paul Sr. spent 23 years serving as a maintenance and construction specialist for Caldor, Inc. He was responsible for more than 90 department stores all over the east coast before noticing a need for home generator systems in the Fairfield County area. On August 1st, 1990, Cannondale Generators was born, and the rest was history.

Taking Paul Sr.’s place will be his three sons: William, Stephen, and Paul Jr. “I have my full faith in these three,” said Paul Sr., speaking of the change. “They have been working by my side for the past sixteen years, and know every bit as much about the business as I do. I am confident that Cannondale Generators won’t miss a beat with these three at the helm.”

Despite the new look, Cannondale Generators will continue to provide the same service that has made it the #1 generator company in Fairfield County, Connecticut. Give us a call at (203) 762-2608 to get started with a free consultation.


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