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Debunking Dangerous Generator Myths

You can’t trust everything you hear, especially when it comes to residential generators. While these devices can protect your home’s power supply in the event of a severe storm, they can also be dangerous if all safety precautions are not followed.

To help keep you and your family safe, the experts at Cannondale Generators have compiled a list of dangerous generator myths, and the facts behind them:

Myth #1: It is safe to run a portable generator indoors.

Fact: NEVER run a portable generator indoors. As portable generators operate, they produce significant amounts of carbon monoxide – a colorless, odorless gas that can be toxic in high doses. This gas is harmless when released to the outside, but could be fatal if allowed to accumulate in your home.

Myth #2: Plugging a generator into an electrical outlet is okay.

Fact: Backfeeding is dangerous and illegal. “Backfeeding” is the process of connecting a generator directly to a power outlet. When this is done, electricity flows into the home’s main electrical panel and is distributed throughout the house. It can also send high voltages out of your home and into utility lines, potentially exposing workers to fatal shocks (which you will be held responsible for).

Myth #3: Professional installation isn’t necessary for standby generators.

Fact: DIY generator installation is a bad idea. Standby generators are a permanent alternative to portable devices, and connect directly to your home’s gas line and breaker box. One mishap during the installation process could put your home and family in great danger, so it is best to leave it to the professionals.

Call Cannondale for Standby Generators

Connecticut homeowners can count on Cannondale Generators for all of their power protection needs. We offer standby generator sales, installations, repairs, and maintenance to Fairfield County CT, Litchfield County CT, and Westchester County NY. Contact us online to learn more, or call (203) 762-2608.

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