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Coffee On A Table Overlooking A Snowy Winter Scene.

Winter Generator Care Tips

A generator is an important piece to any home, especially during the winter when there is a heightened risk of the power going out. Not taking proper care of the generator, however, means more chances that it won’t work when…

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A Close Up Image Of A Stove

Which Appliances Require the Most Energy?

  • November 15, 2017
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When the power goes out, either you go to look for your portable generator, or the standby generator will kick on automatically. If you don’t have either, power outages will not be pleasant for you and your family. For those…

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A Lady Looking To The Upper Left Of The Screen (from Your Perspective) And Looking Inquisitive With A Finger On Her Chin. He Sort Of Looks Like Shes Thinking,

How to Know When You Need a New Generator

  • November 2, 2017
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The recent power outages throughout Fairfield and New Haven counties has generators working double time to keep the lights on. For some homeowners, the process was easy and their generators kicked on right away and did the job without a…

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