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Warning: You’re Already Wasting Energy This Holiday Season

Warning: You’re Already Wasting Energy This Holiday Season

Let’s face it: the holiday season is officially here and your electric bills will go up. From illuminated lawn ornaments to festive inflatables, the list is truly endless when it comes to electrical holiday decor. Although you might feel that your holiday lights aren’t raising your energy bills — guess again. If you’re looking to save some energy (and money) this holiday season, here are some savvy tips to follow:

Time is Everything

One of the simplest solutions to saving energy this holiday season is to put your decorative lights on a series of timers! Available at a variety of online retailers and home improvement stores, an electrical timer is a perfect way to take your festive display and limit its illumination time. Not only will this save you a decent amount of money on your winter electric bills, but it will also prevent you from blowing a fuse on your circuit breaker (because that wouldn’t be so jolly)!

LED is Better

It might be tempting to continue to place your grandmother’s holiday decorations on display — but they can certainly be consuming more energy than you think. If you’re looking for the best way to save some more energy this holiday season, then it’s best to switch over to LED-lit holiday decorations. Not only will they be on the cheaper end of the spectrum when purchasing the lights, but they’ll also glow much brighter — and you’ll certainly be the most festive home on the block!

Unplugging is Important

Going on vacation this holiday season? If so, it’s best to unplug all devices that won’t be in use when you’re away. That’s right: from your television to your desk lamp, anything that consumes power will drive up your electric bill while you’re on your tropical getaway — despite not even using them. It’s important to take control of the power in your home, and this is a surefire way to save the most electricity (and future vacation funds, too)!

The holiday season is special for us here at Cannondale Generators and we love helping our clients prepare. The Winter weather is not as kind as our technicians and outages could be lurking just around the corner.

To learn more about our generators, call Cannondale at 203-762-2608 or contact us online for more information!

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