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Don’t Let Power Outages Interrupt Your Holiday Season

Don’t Let Power Outages Interrupt Your Holiday Season

Power outages are annoying, unsafe and inconvenient. Especially during the holiday season when we are supposed to be enjoying our families and shopping for our loved ones. Nobody has time for a setback, and with a generator, you don’t have to suffer through them:

Keep Your Business Running

During the holiday season, every hour counts for your business, and outages can hit you hard in the wallet. Wind, snow and freezing temperatures can cause power outages and we will have plenty of that this December. Don’t let them hold you down, rise above power outages and keep your store bringing in that holiday cheer!

Decorations Can Wait

The lights and decorations in and around your home are going to eat up a fair amount of power. If a circuit is overloaded or a power outage strikes, your standby generator will click on to power the essential appliances and lights in your home. Once the power is restored, you can light your decorations again and sing a holiday song to bring back the cheer. If you have a larger standby generator that can handle a bigger load, it actually might be able to power some of your holiday decorations. Contact your Cannondale Generators team today if you are not sure what the wattage of your generator is!

Rudolph Won’t Be Lighting the Way

Unlike Santa Claus, we can’t rely on a magical reindeer to light the way for us during the holiday season. When bad weather strikes, we need reliable emergency backup power to lean on to stay safe and comfortable during the holiday season. I mean, you could technically strap a red light bulb to your dog’s nose for light, but using a generator might be a safer bet.

Prepare for the Next Outage with Cannondale Generators

The holiday season is special for us here at Cannondale Generators and we love helping our clients prepare. The Winter weather is not as kind as our technicians and outages could be lurking just around the corner.

To learn more about our generators, call Cannondale at 203-762-2608 or contact us online for more information!


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