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Why You Should Purchase A Generator In 2018

Why You Should Purchase a Generator in 2018

One of your New Year’s resolutions should be making sure your home and family are well prepared for power outages and emergencies. Many gifts you’re considering giving someone this holiday season may end up on the shelf, collecting dust. While a generator isn’t the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about gift giving, here’s why it should.

Tornados, blizzards, earthquakes, cyclones, hurricanes – wherever you live, most likely you’ll have to deal with extreme weather. For example, after the 2017 Atlantic hurricane season, one of the most active on record, 2018 is projected to be even worse, according to the National Hurricane Center. Whether powered by natural gas or solar, having a backup power system can be a life saver.

Types of Generator Systems

A standby system has an automatic transfer switch (ATS) that activates to supply power during an outage. A backup or portable unit operates manually.

The Necessities

Food and water are the most important basic essentials. You cannot count on grocery stores having power during a storm, or enough bottled water on the shelves for everyone who needs it. Having backup power ensures food stays fresh, appliances run and water is available for drinking and cleaning.


Anyone requiring the operation of medical equipment needs power to guarantee machines requiring electricity will run, and systems can be recharged.


Anyone who has experienced a natural disaster knows how traumatic a storm or an earthquake can be. Heat and air conditioning make your place livable. Having the lights on provides comfort to you and your family.

Security, Cell Phones

Today, many homes use security systems for protection. Cell phones have overtaken landlines for most people, and have proven to be a lifeline during emergencies. To keep your home safe and your cell phone charged, a portable backup power system may be perfect for any household.

How Cannondale Can Help

Whatever your needs, Cannondale sells top quality products by Briggs Stratton, Cummins and Generic. Cannondale offers products and services to help your home or business stay safe during the next power outage.

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