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What Do Harvey and Irma Mean for the Future?

Storm systems are evolving, and unfortunately for human life, they are not trending in the less powerful direction. Irma and Harvey are living proof of that and while we are fortunate that they did not make it to Connecticut, it would be silly to not pay attention. These types of super storms are becoming more common and our future could be at stake if we do not prepare:

Hurricane Harvey Facts

  • Harvey made landfall as a Category 4 storm on August 25, 2017.
  • As of September 6th, there has been an estimated $180 Billion in damages and an estimated $125 Billion needed from federal aid.
  • 13 million people were affected from Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Kentucky and Tennessee.
  • 60 deaths have been confirmed thus far.
  • The Houston area typically gets 51-60 inches of rain annually.
  • They received 51.88 inches in Harvey week alone!

What We Know About Irma

  • In Barbuda, wind speeds reached 183 MPH with up to 30% of properties destroyed.
  • In St. Martin, nearly 60% of properties were destroyed.
  • Puerto Rico experienced nearly 200 MPH winds and nearly 3 million people were left without power.
  • Irma is set to reach Cuba late Friday and then onto Miami by Saturday and into Sunday.
  • Our thoughts and prayers are with everyone in Florida and the Caribbean as this could be the largest and most intense storm in American history.  

Signs for the Future

We were warned that this could be a strong Atlantic hurricane season, and those predictions were spot on. We are now set to experience the two most devastating storms in American history within 14 days of each other. Global Warming and climate change could be the reason, it could just be cyclical weather, but regardless we need to prepare. These storms are becoming stronger and their paths are becoming less predictable– that fact can not be argued. For all of us in the northeast, this might seem like a distant threat, but it is only a matter of time until the next major storm makes its way north. The 2017 Hurricane Season has put us all on notice.

Prepare for the Next Storm with Cannondale

Here at Cannondale Generators, we do our part in storm preparation by providing you with reliable emergency power. We were here for our clients during Hurricane Sandy and we will be here for the next major storm and all the storms in between. The best time to prepare for the storm is before, not after!

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