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Driveway Gates When the Power Goes Out

Driveway gates are a fantastic way to protect your home and maintain the privacy that you desire. One of the main concerns that homeowners have with gates is what happens when the power goes out? How do I get out if I can’t open the gate? Luckily for you, your friends at Cannondale Generators have those answers for you:

Home Backup Generators

Most driveway gates run on electricity drawn from your home, and if you install a generator for your property, the gate can be serviced as well. This will be calculated into the load size of your unit and our certified technicians will install the unit with your needs in mind.

Battery Backup

Similar to a generator, you could have a battery backup installed that is small and solely responsible for your gate. This battery can be programmed to kick in when the power goes out, but it needs to be tested and maintained as well. You don’t want it failing on you in your time of need.

Solar Energy

Your driveway gate might also run on solar energy. This is certainly a more expensive option, but it could keep your gate running in the event of a power outage. The cells will be installed on the surface of the gate that receives the most sunlight, but if a storm is large enough, the sun might not be out for days. These are all things you need to consider in your purchasing choices.

Fire Code & Safety

In the event of an electrical fire that knocks your power out, the fire department needs to have access to your property to provide aid. Every second counts, and if they can’t get onto your property they will chain up the gate and rip it down with the fire truck. You don’t want that mess, so it’s best to have a gate installed that meets national fire code. It’s a violation of national fire code if…

  • Your gate does not have a single open backup battery installed (there are multi-open batteries as well). The gate will automatically open when the power goes out or you will need to manually turn the key switch.
  • You don’t have a mechanical lock that automatically releases when the power goes out. You’ll have to manually open and close the gate once the lock is released.

Feel Safe with Cannondale Generators

Your driveway gate is meant to make you feel safe and give you peace of mind, but it serves the opposite purpose when your power goes out. You become like a prisoner in your own home. If you would like to make sure your gate can be powered in the event of an outage, ask your team at Cannondale Generators today.

If you have any questions, call 203-762-2608 or schedule an appointment on our website!

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