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What is the Deal With Hurricane Maria?

Hurricane Maria is the newest storm on the radar that has already began wreaking havoc in the Caribbean. Harvey and Irma devastated several U.S States just a few weeks ago and depending on her path, Maria could be in line to do a lot of the same. We have already seen her devastation and now we are setting our sights on her next target:

What We Know So Far

  • Hurricane Maria made landfall in the city of Yabucoa, Puerto Rico with 155 MPH Winds (Category 4-5).
  • The storm was so powerful, it broke TWO National Weather Service radars on the island of Dominica!
  • The entire city of Fajardo lost power almost instantly upon Maria’s arrival.
  • “This could potentially be the strongest hurricane to ever reach the shores of Puerto Rico,” said CNN’s Derek Van Dam from San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Where the Storm Is Headed

As the storm ravages through the Caribbean, we start to set our sights on how to prepare as it turns for the continental United States. Meteorologists are expecting the storm to take a turn up the eastern seaboard as you can see from this USA Today graphic:

via USA Today

What Does This Mean for Connecticut?

If this storm does reach Eastern Connecticut, it will probably be a Category 1 or less at the time. But we can lose power in as little as 50 MPH winds and it will certainly pack that kind of punch. It’s not just Maria that we are worried about though. This trend of powerful storms has generators and hurricane preparedness becoming even more important because you never know when a major storm could strike. Climate change has left us all vulnerable, and it would be naive to believe we are immune to the impacts.

Install a Generator with Cannondale

Hurricane preparedness is extremely important in these troubled times and your friends at Cannondale Generators welcome you to the Hurricane Safety Tips on our website.

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