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5 Common Myths About Hurricane Season

Hurricane Season is officially upon us in the Northeast and education is the best form of preparation. The more we know, the more likely we are to weather the storms that come our way. Unfortunately, in the internet age, there is a lot of ‘fake news’ out there regarding storms. We are here to clear it up for you»

1. Hurricane Season is June-November

By industry standards, this really isn’t a ‘myth.’ Hurricane Season is still listed as starting on June 1st, but just this past year we saw Tropical Storm Arlene form in April. And history actually tells us that the most common month for hurricanes in the United States is September. Weather patterns are changing and we really have to be prepared throughout Spring, Summer and Fall.

2. El Nino Is a Deciding Factor

For years, meteorologists believed that El Nino was one of the main deciding factors in the prevalence of a certain Hurricane Season. A strong El Nino can actually help prevent a bad Hurricane Season, because stronger wind shears can actually help push hurricanes back out to sea. But we now know that El Nino is not necessarily the deciding factor. It certainly plays a role though!

3. All Hurricanes Come from Africa

Most hurricanes do come from the western coast of Africa, but saying they ALL form there is a flat out myth. Just last year we saw multiple tropical storms form in the Gulf and Caribbean Sea. These storms pose an even greater threat because they can form quickly and their proximity to land makes them jump on people quickly.

4. Microbursts Only Happen in Thunderstorms

A ‘microburst’ is basically a brief surge of powerful wind that can occur at anytime during a hurricane. It doesn’t necessarily need to be thundering, or even raining for that matter. These bursts were the main source of damage during Hurricane Katrina.  

5. Weather People Overhype These Things

This is certainly true! We have all been there before, but we can’t just assume a storm is going to be ‘over-hyped.’ If we start to assume that, we won’t evacuate, we won’t buy generators and then when the storm is as powerful as they say, we’ll be in a dangerous position. It’s always better to fear the worst and breathe a sigh of relief if it doesn’t come.

Be Prepared with Cannondale Generators

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