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3 Reasons to Join Cannondale’s Maintenance Program

A generator might look and feel indestructible, but trust us, they are far from it. These units have a substantial amount of moving parts and anything with moving parts can fail as time wears on. We don’t want these breakdowns to come when you are relying on your generator for power, so it is best to get prepared with some help from your friends at Cannondale Generators»

1. Always Prepared for the Worst

The Cannondale Generator’s Maintenance Program is here for your convenience and safety. Much like a car, a generator needs maintenance to perform at a high level when it’s called upon. But unlike a car, your generator is really only used sparingly (if you’re lucky), so you need to pay extra close attention to it’s care. You can’t just assume it is in good working condition and then a storm strikes and you’re out of luck. Our Maintenance Program ensures great generator performance when you need it most!

2. Two Levels of Generator Maintenance

Maintenance Program Level 1

Level One is extensive and it is there to make sure your generator gets off on the right foot. This 75-point service is performed after our initial inspection and once every year thereafter. We will inspect the parts, lubricants and coolants to make sure they are where they need to be!

Maintenance Program Level 2

Level Two is performed ONLY after Level One is complete. This 10-point service is less extensive, but it plays an important role in keeping your generator healthy. As we said earlier, these are all precautions that we highly recommend for all of our clients!

3. All Generator Makes and Models

Our team doesn’t discriminate against any makes and models of generators. We love them all just the same and we install and service these units with the highest quality of care. Our technicians are factory certified and trained by Generac, Kohler and Briggs & Stratton and you aren’t going to find another team in the area with this level of knowledge and experience. You can’t afford to trust something as important as your generator maintenance to an amateur.  

Our comprehensive Maintenance Program covers all makes and models of generators with an oil, filter, battery and fluid change every year. We have been Connecticut’s trusted generator expert for over 25 years now and we are very proud of that fact!

Join the Generator Maintenance Program Today

To join the Cannondale Generator’s Maintenance Program, please visit our website or call 203-762-2608.  

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