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How to Protect Your Generator During Colder Weather

October will soon turn into November and the colder Connecticut weather is not far off. Much like your car and furnace, your standby and portable generators need to get ready for the impending weather. Here is a winter maintenance breakdown for all of our generator owners out there:

Portable Generators

  • You should not leave fuel in a generator if you are going to be storing it without use for over 30 days. Be sure to drain and dispose of the fuel in a safe and environmentally friendly manner.
  • If your unit does not contain 5W-30 synthetic oil, you should drain and replace it with some. This type of oil is ideal for freezing temperatures.
  • You have to lubricate your portable generator before it is stored away. The piston rings and cylinder bore are going to be areas of focus, but you have to do some things first. Consult the Generac website for the step-by-step process on how to lubricate your unit for colder weather.
  • Your portable generator should be cleaned and then covered with a blanket or tarp. Make room for it in the garage as storing it outside could be damaging for the unit.

Standby Generators

  • These units are much easier to maintain during the winter as they need no storage preparation.
  • Much like the portable generator, the standby unit should have it’s oil replaced with 5W-30 synthetic oil because it is great for cooler weather.
  • If your unit is new, keep the SAE 30 conventional oil in use until the end of the break in cycle.
  • If it snows, be sure to clear off your standby generator and make sure no snow is within 5 feet of the unit. It needs room to breathe!
  • Follow the unit’s scheduled maintenance program to ensure it is safe and ready to use for those winter power outages.

Keep the Power On with Cannondale Generators

Our on-site support and maintenance teams can perform these tasks for you to ensure that your system is ready for winter. Keeping the power on during a blizzard is crucial and we take pride in protecting our clients throughout the Fairfield and Westchester County areas.

To schedule maintenance, call Cannondale at 203-762-2608 or book an appointment online!

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