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Darkness Is Only Cool During Halloween

Darkness is Only Cool During Halloween

Halloween is centered around ghosts, witches, darkness and it channels the spooky side of human beings throughout the world. Your decorations are meant to be scary and festive, but this kind of dark mantra should ONLY be cool during these few weeks of October. Being in the dark any other time of year is just plain silly:

The History of Halloween

  • Historians believe that modern day Halloween was derived from the Celtic Festival of Samhain where people would light fires and wear costumes to ward off spirits.
  • In the 1920’s, Trick or Treating started to pop up in the western portion of the United States.
  • After the sugar rations were lifted after WWII, candy manufacturers saw a huge opportunity to integrate their products with the trick or treating tradition.
  • Halloween as we know it was born in the 1940’s and 1950’s!

Stay Lit the Rest of the Year

It’s okay to keep a dark and scary aura around your home during the Halloween season, but it just isn’t cool any other time of year. Candles can be a fire hazard, having no power could let your food go to waste, and it is just plain annoying to try and operate without electricity. Power outages in our area do not only occur during blizzards and hurricanes, it only takes one downed tree to send you right back to the 17th century. Make sure you have reliable backup power to get you through the darkness!

Cannondale Will Help Keep Your Lights On

Since 1990, we have kept people safe and comfortable in their Connecticut homes during power outages. We take great pride in the rapport we have built with our customers over the years and our reviews speak for themselves. We have so many amazing clients and we would love to welcome more to the family before the winter storms of 2017-2018.

If the power went out for more than just an hour, would your home be ready to ward off those ghosts? If the answer is no, you’re better off just keeping the lights on and keeping the ghosts out!

To save $350 on a generator installation, call Cannondale Generators at 203-762-2608 or contact us online now!


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