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Looking Back at the Worst Storms Connecticut Has Ever Seen

We all just flipped the calendar to August and now storm season is really settling in. The most prominent storms tend to happen between August 1st and October 1st and while we pray for the best, we have to prepare for the worst. They say history tends to repeat itself, so in an effort to get prepared, let’s look back.

The most destructive storms in the history of Connecticut:

1938 Long Island Express

Back in these days, meteorology was not very accurate and the surprise factor of this storm certainly contributed to the destruction. People were without power for weeks or even months and coastal flooding devastated families. The storm caused nearly $310 Million in damages and that was in 1938!

1944 The Great Hurricane

  • The storm hit Connecticut’s shores on September 14th as a category 3
  • The maximum wind gusts were almost 110 MPH!
  • Hartford received nearly a foot of rain and coastal areas took years to recover.

1954 Hurricane Carol

This storm made landfall as a category 3 on August 31st. Carol was known for her massive flooding and in some areas water depths were recorded at 8-10 feet! 60 deaths were reported and nearly half a billion dollars were required to repair damages.

1985 Hurricane Gloria

Gloria was the strongest storm to hit our beautiful state since Diane in 1955. Gloria came ashore in late September and with some serious power!

  • Category 2 storm
  • Coastal flooding reshaped beaches and left permanent damage.
  • Homes from Milford to Westport were destroyed and left powerless for weeks.

2011 Hurricane Irene

This storm was relatively weak compared to the rest of her counterparts, but she did damage right in our backyard. We supplied hundreds of homes in the Fairfield area with generators that got them through this mess. East Haven, Milford and Fairfield were the most heavily affected counties in the state.

Sandy certainly devastated our area in 2012 and Cannondale was there again to provide people with reliable backup power. A tropical storm with moderate winds can knock out the power and storms like this can leave you powerless for substantial periods of time– unless you have a generator!

To schedule installation services, call Cannondale at 203-762-2608 or schedule online for faster service.

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