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Defend Your Kingdom With the Help of a Generator

Brace yourselves folks, the premiere of HBO’s ‘Game of Thrones’ season 7 is only a few short days away. The long wait for Winter is over and now we get to see it play out right in front of our eyes.

But what if the power went out just as that classic theme song was cued up? What if you didn’t know if Daenerys’ arrival in Westeros went smoothly? These are thoughts of the past if you have reliable emergency power»

The Winds of Summer Knocked Out Your Power

In Game of Thrones, these winds are known as the Winds of Winter, but as we know, it is Summer here in Fairfield County. The winter winds of Westeros bring White Walkers, the summer winds of Fairfield bring power outages! When those outages strike, you better have reliable back up power if you want to survive the Long Night!!  

Jon Snow is Not Going To Save You

The people of Westeros are lucky enough to have a great warrior like Jon Snow protecting their realm, but Fairfield is not as fortunate. We have a lot of great service men and women in this town, but none of them can stop the storm that is coming. They can help repair our homes, they can rescue us in emergencies, but they can’t stop good old mother nature! It is up to you to defend your own castle with the help of a generator.

The Night Will NOT Be Dark and Full of Terrors

The Lady Melisandre reminded the people of Westeros that the ‘Long Night’ will be dark and full of terrors. The long night, meaning the battle with the army of the dead. Your battle isn’t as scary, but a power outage could cause a very long night for you and your family. Food could spoil, you could miss out on valuable news, and your house will have no ability to cool itself down. If you have reliable backup power, when the electricity goes, you will be able to stay up and running!

“Power is Power”

This famous quote from Cersei Lannister really defines the motive of so many characters throughout the series. Everyone wants power, and when you’re in power, everyone wants to take it from you. It is a never ending cycle. Cannondale Generators knows a thing or two about power, but the power we provide is a little different. We install it, we maintain it, and it’s all yours to do with as you please. It is a whole lot easier than the Westeros power structure, and you don’t have to kill us to get it. We will even give it to you for $350 OFF this summer!

Let’s Get Passionate About Emergency Power

As you can probably tell, we are total Game of Thrones nerds here at Cannondale Generators. We are so excited for this season and we know that many of you are as well! But we hope that you will also share our passion for reliable emergency power. We install, maintain, and service your generators and we work with all the major brands to ensure you the best quality experience.

If you would like to learn more, call 203-762-2608 or check out our installation special!

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