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What Causes Power Outages?

Power outages are a frequent occurrence in the United States. In fact, 500,000 people are affected by them every day. These blackouts can cause thousands of dollars worth of damage for homeowners, and cost households an average of nearly $150 billion dollars each year. In order to better understand power outages, we have to know what causes them.

To no surprise, severe weather conditions are the leading cause of power outages in the United States, and there is no sign that things will change anytime soon. In fact, weather-related power outages have actually doubled since 2003 thanks to an aging electrical grid. Here are top 10 causes of power outages, according to Kohler.

Top 10 causes of power outages:

  1. Equipment Failure – 29.7%

  2. Wind/Rain – 14.8%

  3. Lightning – 11.2%

  4. Operator Error – 10.1%

  5. Voltage Reduction – 7.7%

  6. Voluntary Reduction – 5.7%

  7. Cold Weather – 5.4%

  8. Supply Shortage – 5.2%

  9. Fire – 5.2%

  10. Ice Storm – 5%

Automatic generators detect when the power goes out

An automatic standby generator can protect your home against power outages – no matter what causes them. These systems can automatically detect when the power goes out, and turn on within seconds to provide electricity for your home. Since standby generators connect directly to your home’s gas line, they never need to be refueled and can produce enough energy to power all of your lights, appliances, and electronics.

Protect your home from the next power outage with a standby generator

If you live in western Connecticut, look no further than Cannondale Generators for all of your power protection needs. We have sold, serviced, and installed nearly 10,000 generators over the past 25 years, and we would love to make you our next satisfied customer. Give us a call at (203) 762-2608 to get started with a free evaluation.

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