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8 Ways to Stay Entertained During a Power Outage

It is estimated that power outages affect more than 500,000 Americans every day. That’s half a million people without access to a television, computer, or video game console. If you happen to be one of these people without power, you might find it hard to keep busy.

Luckily for you, the power outage experts at Cannondale Generators have compiled this list of ways to entertaining yourself during a power outage.

8 things you can do to stay entertained the next time the power goes out

  1. Get your fireplace going.

    Sitting around the fireplace is a tradition almost as old as time itself. Fires provide light and warmth, a double whammy for those cold winter blackouts. Once you and your friends/family are gathered around the fire, you can roast marshmallows, tell stories, or simply enjoy each other’s company.

  1. Go outside.

    If the power outage was not weather-related, use the opportunity to get some fresh air and exercise. Going for a short walk or bike ride around the neighborhood can be surprisingly refreshing.

  1. Charge your electronics beforehand.

    If there is a strong storm on the horizon, charge your electronic devices before it hits. They may not survive the entire power outage, but you will at least have a few extra hours to play your Game Boy or watch Netflix on your iPad.

  1. Have a family game night.

    Family (or friend) game night is an activity that people of all ages can enjoy. Just break out your favorite board game and start playing. (Candlelight may be required)

  1. Read a book.

    Is there a book that you have been meaning to read, but haven’t yet gotten around to? A power outage is the perfect opportunity. You’d be surprised how fast the time goes by when immersed in a good story.

  1. Clean your house.

    Okay, so maybe cleaning your house isn’t “entertaining” per se, but it certainly is productive.

  1. Raid your refrigerator.

    Most refrigerated food only stays good for 4-6 hours after the power goes out. If you are anticipating a long outage, it’s time to use it or lose it!

  1. Sleep it off.

    Take advantage of the fact that you can’t set your alarm, and go to sleep. Your body could probably use the extra rest, and the power may even be restored by the time you wake up.

Stay entertained with the help of a standby generator

Of course, staying entertained during a power outage is easy when you have an automatic standby generator. These units can detect when the power goes out, and turn on instantly to provide your home with electricity. Unlike portable generators, standby units are powerful enough to run your entire house – including your lights, appliances, and of course, all of your electronic devices.

If you live in western Connecticut and want to learn more about standby generators, call Cannondale Generators at (203) 762-2608.

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