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How to Protect Your Windows During a Storm

Here at Cannondale Generators, we keep things in order when the storms try to throw them out of sorts. We’ve got that covered, but you still need to take all of the other precautions to protect your home during storm season, including your windows.

The first place to fortify is your
windows and we have some tips for you here:

1. Hurricane Film

Hurricane film is popular in Hurricane areas like Florida and the Carolinas because it can be left on all year round. It is unobtrusive, but it also doesn’t do as good of a job as these other window protectors. It prevents the glass from becoming a projectile, but it does not prevent the frame from being blown in.

2. Plywood

This is the classic, effective and cheap method to protecting your windows during a storm. You should select boards that are at least ⅝- inch thick and it is always good to keep 3-4 large boards on hand in your garage. You don’t want to be caught in the madness at the hardware store when a storm is approaching!

3. Storm Shutters

These are not completely necessary in Connecticut, but if you are a safety-first type of a person, they might be an option you’ll consider. They tend to cost about $25 a square foot and they can be easily deployed before a storm arrives. Again, you might need these once every decade in our area, but they can come in handy during a major storm.

4. High Impact Glass

This is great for business and storefronts in the area. High impact glass is made up of two panes of tempered glass with a plastic film in between them. It is impact resistant and it often qualifies you for insurance discounts. Water might still be able to leak through the glass, but you shouldn’t have any issues with shattering.

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So now that you have your windows and electricity covered, it is time to get some of your favorite snacks and enjoy the storm. Well not enjoy, but you get what we mean! It’s a lot more settling to be prepared and organized BEFORE the storm hits!

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