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Local Businesses Trust Cannondale With Their Power

We love helping residents in the Fairfield County area with their back up power, and we have been doing it for nearly thirty years. While residential power is a sweet spot of ours, we also like to help business owners stay open during the storms. You never know if someone is going to need you, and you want to be open when they come knocking on your door. Keep reading to learn more about our commercial generator services»

No Power. No Customers. No Money

Did you know that nearly two million businesses per year lose power for eight hours or more? It seems like an astronomical amount, but in urban and suburban areas, you need to account for how many businesses are jammed into a small electrical grid. Fairfield County has hundreds of small to medium sized businesses that rely on their daily revenues for survival. If they lose two to three days because of a power outage, that could mean BIG losses during the peak summer season. We help businesses just like this keep their doors open and we get a lot of satisfaction from helping others succeed. When the clouds roll in, you can relax knowing your businesses’ power is in good hands!

Medical Practices Choose Cannondale

When it comes to private medical practices, your reliability is everything. Not only do you need to be available for appointments, but you need to make sure those appointments are fulfilled and not cut off due to a power outage. Just recently, we received a letter from a local dentist thanking us for our help with his generator. The dentist was in the middle of a tooth implant when his power went out and if it weren’t for the generator, that patient would have had a very unpleasant experience. Everyone in that shopping center where the practice was located lost power, but the dentist and his patients still had everything in working order.  

Outlast Your Competition

In the world of small business, competitive advantage is everything. The marketplace is saturated and being able to differentiate yourself from other similar businesses can be difficult. But what if there was a way to keep your store open while all the other stores were closed? What if you owned a pizzeria and could still serve food even when the whole grid is shutdown? We give you that opportunity with our commercial generator services!

If you’re a business owner in the Fairfield County area, a back-up generator system is just as crucial to your business as any other element. Downed trees, accidents, storms and outages happen all the time and eventually they are going to impact your area. Be prepared and keep your doors open with our help.

To schedule a commercial generator consultation, call 203-762-2608 or click around on our website!  

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