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Learn More About the OmniMetrix Remote Monitoring System

Generators from Cannondale are the best of the best and their reliability makes them highly sought after. But what good is a great generator if you don’t have the proper tools to monitor it? Worry no more, because OmniMetrix is here to provide you with the monitoring systems that you need for reassurance. OmniMetrix is going to be your Superhero Generator’s Superhero Sidekick.

Why OmniMetrix?

When it comes to something as important as your generator, you can’t afford to take risks with unproven equipment. In 1998, OmniMetrix introduced the first wireless remote monitor for on-site power generation. Being the first company in this space was difficult and OmniMetrix had to innovate their product over the years to fit into an ever changing marketplace. They succeeded and in 2017, they continue to be the industry leader for generator remote monitoring systems.

What Does the Generator Remote Monitoring System Do?

The great thing about OmniMetrix monitors is that they are compatible with ALL major brands of generators, including the ones we sell here at Cannondale. OmniMetrix monitoring systems provide the following services:

  • Monitors the fuel level of your unit.
  • Remote start/stop features.
  • It stays connected 24/7 and and it provides alerts while you are away or asleep so you’re always in the ‘know’ with your generator.
  • The OMNIVIEW system can provide you and your service provider (Cannondale) with text or email alerts about the current condition of your unit.
  • Like we said earlier, you can think of OmniMetrix as your very own Superhero Sidekick!

Why Do I Need One If I Have a Cannondale Maintenance Plan Already?

This analogy might seem a little quirky, but think of your generator as a seasoned athlete. Athlete’s stretch, lift weights, and train constantly to avoid injuries and have a long and prosperous career. But that doesn’t mean they aren’t going to break down and need repairs/surgeries throughout their lifetime. The only difference is, an athlete can use their words to let a trainer know when they are hurt or damaged. Unfortunately, our generators don’t talk so OmniMetrix can be used to speak for them and let you know when they need to go in and see the Cannondale doctors.

Monitor Your Generator with Us

Here at Cannondale Generators, we have been providing generator solutions to the Fairfield and Westchester areas for over 25 years. We trust the OmniMetrix generator remote monitoring system and we would be happy to answer any questions you might have about the product.

Give us a call at 203-762-2609 and don’t forget to start preparing for Hurricane Season!  

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