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How to Prevent Common Winter Problems Around the Home


Cold weather is here, and so are the pesky problems associated with it. Read below to learn more about common winter issues around the home, and what you can do to prevent them…

Heating Equipment Issues

Solution: Our heating systems run around the clock to keep us warm, which leaves a lot of time for something to go wrong. Scheduling a professional heating system tune-up can help prevent problems such as loss of heat, indoor air pollution, and other HVAC-related breakdowns.

Chimney Fires

Solution: Have your chimney professionally swept at the start of the season. The most common cause of chimney fires is a buildup of creosote – a flammable byproduct of fireplaces – inside the chimney walls. A professional chimney cleaning service can safely remove this excess creosote, helping prevent fires.

Ice Dams

Solution: Clean your gutters before the first snowfall. Ice dams occur when snow on your roof melts, but can’t properly drain due to clogged gutters. Instead of flowing through your downspout and away from your home, water is instead forced to seep into your ceiling.

Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Solution: Install carbon monoxide detectors on every floor of your home. Check the batteries at least once every month to ensure the device is on and working.

Frozen Pipes

Solution: Insulate your pipes and always keep the heat on at least 65°. Many homeowners will turn off their heat if they are leaving on extended winter vacations, but this can cause their home’s temperature to drop below freezing.

Power Outages

Solution: Equip your home with an automatic standby generator. These units can detect when the power goes out, and turn on within seconds to provide enough energy to run your entire home. No matter what the weather is like outside, you will never miss a beat.

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