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5 Steps to Keep Your Home Safe on Spring Break


Planning a family vacation while the kids are on spring break? Follow these five steps before you leave, so you can come back to the same (unharmed) home you left behind.

1. Put Your Lights on a Timer

If you leave your house lights off the entire time you are gone, anyone paying attention can quickly tell the house is unoccupied. Leaving them on the entire time also looks suspicious, and will cost you a fortune in electricity. The solution? Invest in an automatic timer so your lights turn on and off at normal times throughout the day.

2. Figure Out the Mail Situation

Nothing says “rob me” like an overflowed mailbox and a pile of newspapers on the front stoop. Have a trusted friend, neighbor, or family member look over your mailbox while you are away, or contact the post office and freeze all of your deliveries until you return.

3. Stay Off of Social Media

You’re understandably excited about your upcoming vacation, but try not to advertise your trip on social media. Even if you trust all of your friends and followers, there is no telling who could see that your home will be unattended.

4. Make Sure the Alarm is Set

If you have a home security system, make sure to set it before you embark on your journey. This sounds like an obvious tip, but it’s easy to forget when you are rushing out the front door with bags in hand. Also take a minute to double check that all of your windows and doors are securely locked.

5. Invest in a Standby Generator

A professionally-installed standby generator can help prevent disaster when you are away. If your home loses power for even one second when you are on vacation, you could come home to a disabled security system, refrigerator full of spoiled food, or a flooded basement.

Standby generators can automatically detect when the power goes out, and turn on within seconds to provide your home with the energy it needs. Since these devices connect directly to your gas line, they never need to be refueled. If you live in western Connecticut, contact Cannondale Generators to get started with a free consultation at (203) 762-2608.

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