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4 Ways To Spring Clean Your Home Standby Generator

4 Ways to Spring Clean Your Home Standby Generator

Spring is here and it’s time to go through your home and yard for some 2021 spring cleaning. From all the rooms in your house to the garden and lawn on your property, this is the season to start fresh – and the same goes for your home standby generator.

When you are out there, performing regular checks on your unit, here are four things you can do for some spring generator care:

1. Make sure all foliage surrounding your generator is trimmed.

Although shrubs and gardens may not hurt the health of your home standby generator, the heat that comes from generators during maintenance exercises or emergencies may very well damage your plants. Trimming the foliage surrounding your unit is a great way to protect your greenscape and also keep the space around your generator clear for easy maintenance access and safety.

2. Avoid fenced enclosures around your generator.

Fences and other enclosures can pose a serious risk when placed near generators as they often impede the cooling air that a generator needs to run smoothly. Much like with foliage and other objects like trash cans, recycling bins, and so on, your home standby generator needs plenty of air to run in emergency situations.

3. Keep the area 3-feet around your generator clear.

On each side and in the front of your home standby generator, there should be three feet of clear space. This space helps manage the heat and cooling airflow your unit needs to run smoothly. It also gives our generator technicians (and you!) easy access to the generator should you need to examine it for any maintenance issues.

4. Make sure the top of your generator is clear.

Many components of generators can get hot enough to burn skin and melt other materials as they operate. It may seem like common sense, but be sure not to place any items on top of your home generator unit to avoid fire hazards.

Whether you are swinging by to check your generator’s oil levels or trying to clear some yard space, placing tools, patio furniture, your phone, and other objects on top of your standby generator could risk fire or damage to your home, your standby generator, or your loved ones. This is especially the case for flammable liquids, including gasoline, propane, and kerosene, which should always be stored outside in non-glass containers.

Even if it is temporary, we do not recommend risking it!

BONUS TIP: Book a spring maintenance appointment.

If you are unsure of whether or not your generator is in good condition after the winter we just had, feel free to request a service visit online or call us at 203-762-2608 to have one of our skilled technicians check it out. Happy spring cleaning!

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