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Do These 4 Things Regularly To Prevent Your Home Standby Generator From Failing

Do These 4 Things Regularly to Prevent Your Home Standby Generator From Failing

Did you know that even with a maintenance contract, you need to actively monitor your home standby generator on a regular basis?

In fact, without regular maintenance, your generator will fail when you need it most.

It can be annoying to make an investment in a home standby generator and even have our professional crew come by for routine maintenance, and still have to put in work on your own.

However, performing regular checks on your generator is as easy as taking a quick walk by it or even just opening an app on your phone. Here’s what you need to know:

1. Listen to your generator every week.

If you have installed a home standby generator with Cannondale, it should automatically turn on once a week to test itself.

Learn when in the week your generator runs its test and listen for it every week to make sure everything is in tip-top shape.

If you don’t hear it run, you have a problem! Call us at 203-762-2608 or request a service visit online so we can come reset your exercise time.

2. Make sure your generator has a green light on.

Most new generators have a green and red light.

Green means you are good to go! It’s your generator’s way of letting you know that everything is working as it should.

Red means some key part of your home standby generator is not working.

All you have to do is take a quick peek at your generator and check for that green light! If you see a red light, call us immediately and we’ll have our skilled generator technicians come to take a look.

3. Have oil on hand.

Your home standby generator burns oil to work properly.

The recommended oil for your standby generator is 10w30. This is a multi-grade engine oil ideal for heavy-load engines because of its ability to withstand hot temperatures for a long time without compromising the performance of the engine.

When your generator runs out of oil, it stops. Have some extra oil on hand to ensure that your generator is always ready to kick in when you really need it to.

Have questions about what oil is right for your unit? Get in touch with one of our certified technicians to make sure you have what you need.

4. Get a remote monitoring accessory!

We know you’ve been outside lately – it’s cold! Remote Monitoring ensures your home standby generator will work and is working – all from an app on your phone.

Skip the walk outside and stay cozy by investing in a remote monitoring accessory so you can be in the know no matter what’s going on outside. Trust us, the peace of mind is worth the cost!

Check out our Remote Monitoring Accessories to see which option is right for you.

Check on your home generator ahead of time

Now you’re ready to keep your generator in its best condition so you’re better prepared for the next snow storm!

Remember that just as you wouldn’t wait until the last minute to get groceries and supplies before a storm to avoid long lines, you don’t want to wait for the last minute to give us a call to look at your generator!

A home generator is an investment to keep your home and your family protected – so don’t forget to check on your generator and communicate with our service department ahead of time to make sure it stays that way!

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