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Community Outreach: Uniting Bridgeport Through Soccer

Community Outreach: Uniting Bridgeport through Soccer

As a generator company, we take energy pretty seriously. Whether it’s the energy your home appliances use or the energy we invest into the community around us, Cannondale Generators knows to spend our energy wisely.

For 30 years, we have been a family-owned and operated business. We started in the small town of Wilton, CT with the belief that giving back to the community is essential and that remains a core pillar of our business today.

Our mission goes far beyond helping our community with their power needs. We look for organizations that focus on empowerment, education, and making a positive impact that will shape the future of our local community, organizations like the Bridgeport United Football Club.


Why the BUFC?


The Bridgeport United Football Club (BUFC) is a semi-pro soccer team that plays in the Connecticut Soccer League (CSL). Some of the best players in the Fairfield County area make up the team, but unlike typical semi-pro teams, BUFC focuses on connecting its all-star players to the local community.

Dan Pelletier, Owner and General Manager of Bridgeport United Football Club had been doing free soccer clinics in Bridgeport for nearly ten years. When his soccer following in the area grew significantly, he knew he had an opportunity to create something amazing. We spoke with Pelletier and he said:

“Our mission at Bridgeport United Football Club is to connect and unify the people of Bridgeport through the beautiful sport of soccer.”

The team hosts free kids soccer clinics before each game and commits to community service work off the field throughout the county. Pelletier says, “We actually get to know the kids. Then, we try to help them get jobs, get into college or simpler things like help them get food to eat or housing if they are in a tough home situation.”

In fact, the BUFC recently helped a local 17-year old soccer player find a home when he was homeless. After helping him find work and stay in school, that same young man is now going to play college soccer at Mitchell College.

For BUFC, winning on the field is important, but it comes second to community outreach. This amazing team keeps the community engaged with the help of its supporters, like the Bridgeport government, DIG USA, Tavern on 7, and us, Cannondale Generators!

The Bridgeport United team has been a leader in the community for many years, helping empower children through the game of soccer. Bill Bonomo, our Vice President of Marketing said, “Not only do they provide children with a positive outlet, but they are mentors as well. They truly have a focus on helping children to believe they can achieve anything and they are willing to go the extra mile for those that may need some extra help. Their goals align with our beliefs at Cannondale and they strive to help the community more each year.”

We are proud that Cannondale is a part of the BUFC journey, and we will continue to support them as they think of bigger ways to help the community.


How does Cannondale support Bridgeport United?


“We got to talking, I told them about our idea, and they jumped on board. Cannondale Generators was with us before we had our first tryout. They have been with us from the beginning.”

– Dan Pelletier

Cannondale Generators gives Bridgeport United sponsorship money that pays for soccer essentials, such as the league fee, referee fees, and so on that are needed to run a team that fans can get excited about.

In their first season last year, the team finished second in the Connecticut State League. This year, the all-stars are undefeated, with two wins and two ties. All while creating a true impact in the lives of kids in the area through the club.

In 2019, Bridgeport United measured the feet of every fourth grader at Roosevelt School in Bridgeport and got them all soccer cleats and a soccer ball. They also went to the school every week for two hours and coached them for free.

More recently, they made a team of Bridgeport teenagers to join the free soccer clinics and got them jerseys, soccer shorts and soccer socks. The Bridgeport police picked them all up in a van to go play in a game in Wilton, CT where the BUFC coached them.

Pelletier says “Without Cannondale Generators, we would not have been able to accomplish these things.”


Support the Bridgeport United Football Club


In the future, the all-star soccer players of Bridgeport United want to join a professional league while keeping a local team in the Connecticut State League. Their dream is to have thousands of fans following the team, whether that be in-person, watching the games live online, or following what amazing community projects they are working on by following their website and social media.

You can help support them by doing all these things! Follow Bridgeport United on Instagram and Facebook. Fans can also buy BUFC merchandise and view the schedule of their live games.

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