Cannondale Maintenance Program

Cannondale Generators maintains a  crew of trained technicians to handle all aspects of residential and light commercial emergency power.

For the optimum performance from your existing unit, we recommend the Cannondale Generators Scheduled Maintenance Program, a flexible, cost-effective means of ensuring that your generator is up and running. You don’t want to wait until a power outage to find out your unit is not working!

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The Cannondale Generators Inc. Scheduled Maintenance Program provides comprehensive maintenance on two levels:

  1. LEVEL I: An Extensive Maintenance Service
    This service is performed upon our initial inspection and once every year thereafter.
  2. LEVEL II: Maintenance Inspection Service
    Once the initial Level I inspection is complete, Cannondale Generators, Inc.  performs the Level II service.

LEVEL I: Extensive Maintenance Checklist

  • Change all spark plugs as necessary
  • Change points
  • Change condenser
  • Check distributor cap and rotor and change if necessary
  • Check start solenoid terminals
  • Check all ignition wires and replace if necessary
  • Check and adjust choke when applicable


  • Change oil
  • Change oil filter
  • Tighten valve covers
  • Fill governor sump with lube oil when applicable
  • Lubricate governor linkage
  • Service oil bath air cleaner when applicable
  • Check entire unit for noticeable oil leaks


  • Test coolant protection
  • Test coolant alkalinity
  • Check water hoses both upper and lower
  • Check bypass hoses
  • Check fan belts
  • Check engine block heater for operation
  • Check anti-freeze solution


  • Check flexible section for cracks or leaks
  • Drain condensation trap when applicable
  • Check exhaust flange gaskets
  • Check exhaust muffler and drain when applicable


  • Change primary and secondary fuel filters (diesel only)
  • Check injector fuel lines (diesel only)
  • Check flex fuel pump
  • Check fuel connections and tighten
  • Check fuel solenoid
  • Check day tank float (diesel only)
  • Check regulator


  • Load test battery
  • Check specific gravity of battery
  • Check battery voltage
  • Clean battery cables replace if necessary
  • Clean battery terminal on cables
  • Clean battery posts and coat same
  • Check fluid level and fill if required
  • Recharge and / or replace if required


  • Check starter motor solenoid terminal
  • Check starter motor
  • Check charge rate on alternator or internal charge circuit
  • Check alternator belt


  • Check exciter
  • Check voltage regulator
  • Check rotation diodes
  • Check rectifiers
  • Check brushes
  • Clean collector rings
  • Clean carbon deposits
  • Check control panel relays
  • Check wiring and terminal


  • Start generator and conduct safety shutdown tests for the following:

1.    Low oil pressure
2.    High water temperature
3.    Over speed
4.    High air temperature  (air cooled sets only)

  • Check voltage output
  • Check frequency (Hz.)
  • Record hour meter reading when applicable
  • Check unit for vibration and any unusual noises


  • Inspect contactor assembly and connections
  • Check exerciser clock and time setting
  • Check time delays
  • Check battery charger for proper output
  • Check selector switch
  • Check voltage sensors for visual conditions
  • Start and stop generator from transfer switch
  • (Above applies when accessible and applicable)


  • Check field breaker is in the ON position
  • Check that selector switch is in the automatic mode
  • Start and stop generator using generator controls


  • Inspect site for any debris or obstructions, which could be a potential problem or may be hazardous to operation.

Once the initial Level I inspection has been performed, Cannondale Generators, Inc.  performs the Level II service.

LEVEL II: Maintenance Inspection Service
  1. Check oil and add when necessary
  2. Check oil filter when necessary
  3. Check battery fluid level and add solution if necessary
  4. Check exercise clock and running time meter, record hours on unit
  5. Check coolant level and alkalinity of coolant
  6. Check belts and hoses
  7. Start unit and check: AC Voltage, Frequency (Hz.), battery charge rate, leaks and any unusual noises
  8. Reset exercise clock if necessary
  9. Adjust governor, carburetor, voltage regulator to generator specifications
  10. Inspect site for any debris or obstructions, which could cause a potential problem or be hazardous to the operation or surrounding area.

 Download Scheduled Maintenance Program

The fine print…
  • Any parts, lubricants, coolants material used in any of the above service level maintenance programs will be charged to the generator set owner at current prevailing rates.
  •  Emergency service, between scheduled inspections, will be provided Monday through Friday during the regular business hours of 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. will be charged at our current labor rates plus travel time.
  • Emergency service required Monday through Friday other than our regular business hours of 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. would be charged at our overtime rate.  This includes any requests for service on Saturday, Sunday, and holidays.
  • Cannondale Generators, Inc. shall not be responsible for failure to render services due to strikes, fire, flood, and causes beyond its control.  This agreement constitutes the entire contract by Cannondale Generators, Inc. and the customer with respect to service of the equipment covered by this agreement and no representation or statement not expressed herein shall be binding on Cannondale Generators, Inc.
  • The customer or equipment owner shall hold Cannondale Generators, Inc. harmless from any or all liability resulting in physical damage, personal injury or any other losses due to equipment or system failure and / or operation.
  • The terms and conditions herein shall prevail not withstanding any variance with the terms and conditions of any order submitted by the customer with respect to the maintenance service.

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